All Wheel Control



All-Wheel Control is the umbrella term for the 4-wheel drive technology which was created through Mitsubishi’s extensive history in motor sports activities and rally racing. The basis of AWC is the integration of technologies such as the 4WD drivetrains, suspension technologies, braking systems, stability & traction control systems and more. It was originally introduced in the 2001 Lancer Evolution VII, but now the system is offered in all of its 4-Wheel Control Vehicles. Super All Wheel Control was then introduced for the 2007 Lancer Evolution.

All Wheel Control is available in the following models:

Outlander Outlander Sport  Lancer



Three Forms of Control

1) Control over the 4 tires’ vertical loading –  Control over the 4 tires meaning each tire is kept in close contact with the road, giving it maximum grip.

2) Control over the 4 tires’ slip rations and slip angles – this is effected over the slip ratios and slip angles of the tires, such as the longitudinal and lateral forces produced by each tire is maximized in a balanced manner.

3) Control over the 4 tires’ force assignment – this is control that is effected over the distribution of longitudinal and lateral forces among the tires such that the tires are uniformly loaded for well-balanced utilization.




How It Works

Drivers can use the drive-mode dial on the center console to select FWD – giving you the best possible fuel economy. With 4WD auto selected, the system will use a rear-mounted electronically controlled transfer clutch to route more power to the rear wheels. The power is shifted automatically, according to  driving and road conditions. The driver can override the system at any time and change the drive mode to their liking.

When 4WD Auto mode is selected, the 4WD system will send power to the rear wheels. The amount of power will increase under full-throttle acceleration and it is reduced to 25% over 40MPH. At a steady speed, up to 15% of available torque is sent to the rear wheels. At lower speeds, through corners, coupling torque is reduced and it will provide a smooth drive through the corner.



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