How to Set Up Apple Car Play in your Mitsubishi

May 24th, 2017 by

Apple Car Play is a great feature for keeping you connected with all of the main features of your cellphone while you’re driving. Here in New Hampshire we have a Hands Free Law, which means that if you want to use your phone, this is one of the easiest ways to do it.


The best part about the set-up of Apple Car Play is that it’s finished in one step! Simply make sure that your Mitsubishi is turned on, and then plug your iPhone into the lighting USB cable.


You should now be seeing all of your regular iPhone apps displaying on the digital screen in your Mitsubishi.


Quick access to your home screen is always available, no matter what screen or app you’re in.



With Apple Car Play in your Mitsubishi, texting while driving has been made safe! Simply press the button shown in the image here, and you’ll be able to dictate a text. You can also have your Mitsubishi read incoming texts to you.



Making a call is just as easy as sending a text message! Say, “Call” followed by the name of the person that you want to call, and your Mitsubishi will make the call for you.



Thanks to Apple Car Play and your iPhone, you’ll have access to Apple Maps right from the screen in your Mitsubishi as well. You’ll still get turn-by-turn directions, estimation times, traffic information and more, just as if you were using your cell phone. Tell your vehicle where you want to go by saying the name of a restaurant, or even get suggestions by simply telling Apple Maps which type of food you’re looking for!



Whether you have music stored on your phone, or you use an app to stream music from, Apple Car Play in your Mitsubishi has you covered. You can tell Siri to “Play Music” or even tell her which song or artist you’d like to hear specifically.



You still have access to everyone’s all-time favorite feature of the iPhone..Siri! Ask Siri questions while you’re driving, and speak through our vehicle just as you normally would speak to your phone.



Apple Car Play is probably starting to sound like a must-have feature for you in your new vehicle. Visit us at Lovering Mitsubishi test out the system and make sure that it is part of your daily commute. We are located at 93 Manchester Street in Concord, New Hampshire, a short drive away from both Manchester and Franklin. We can also be reached online or by telephone at 603-689-1851. 

You’ll get peace of mind when you purchase at Lovering Mitsubishi with our Lovering Guarantee.

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