Healthy Lifestyle Initiative

Here at Lovering Mitsubishi, we like to inspire others to join us in our healthy living initiative. We do a lot of things here that add up and make a big difference. We’ve compiled a list of some of the things that we do here to inspire healthier choices. Read through our list and let us know if you do anything in your work space that we may be able to incorporate here!

Stand-Up Desks

Stand-Up-Desk-2-1-300x274Employees here have the option of getting a stand-up desk, and it’s exactly what it sounds like! It sits on top of your regular desk, and you put all of your things on top of the stand-up desk. You can then choose to sit or stand anytime you want during your work day. There are so many people in the US that spend their whole day behind a desk and their bodies don’t get much movement. If we are sitting still all day, that’s actually very bad for our health! A trip to the gym once a day doesn’t even cut it. We need to be constantly moving, which is why we give employees standing desks here

Another great add-on to having this stand-up desk is that it comes with a complimentary phone app. You can track how long you’ve been sitting and standing, count the calories you’ve burned while standing, and even alert you when to sit or stand. You can alter the alerts to reflect your work schedule for the current week, and choose if you’d like to sit or stand every hour, half hour, and so on.



Healthy Vending Machine

Vending-Machine-741x1024Like other companies, we used to have a vending machine packed with chips, candies, soda and more. One day we looked into getting a new, healthier vending machine. We sent out an email to the staff and asked them which healthy choices were their favorites, and then things were in motion. We now have a healthier vending machine with baked chips, limited candies, and low-sugar beverages. We believe that if there are healthier options in the vending machine, there’s not many ways to avoid them!

Another great thing about our healthy vending machine is the fact that it accepts credit cards. Even those days where you can’t find any spare change on you, you won’t go hungry. It’s the little things really!








In-House Gym

Nashua Store - newOur store locations are getting a makeover! Once they’re complete, we’ll have brand new gyms for employee use. How convenient will it be to have the gym right at your disposal?







Smoke-Free Campus

Tobacco-Free-Campus-300x280At Lovering Mitsubishi, smoking is not allowed on campus! We ask that you smoke elsewhere because it is harmful to the smoker, and to those around them. When you visit us at Lovering Mitsubishi, you’ll breathe easy! As always, thank you for not smoking.