10 Things to Keep Your Mitsubishi Safe this Winter

February 20th, 2017 by

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Winters can do damage to your Mitsubishi vehicle. Enjoy these 10 steps to keep your Mitsubishi in good shape this winter.

1. Consider Paint Sealant

The harsh conditions of a Nashua winter can wreak havoc on your Mitsubishi vehicle’s exterior. In order to combat the salt and ice, consider using a paint sealant to place your vehicle’s exterior in superior condition.

2. Change Your Wipers

The winter conditions require different usage from your windshield wipers, which means you need to be sure to replace your wipers with ones that can handle the ice. In addition, make sure to always have plenty of de-icer and windshield wiper fluid on hand.

3. Protect It

Goffstown winters can be rough, so if possible, make sure to protect your vehicle by covering it. If you have the ability to put your vehicle in a garage or carport, do so. If not, invest in a car cover to keep harsh winter conditions off your vehicle.

4. Check the Battery

The last thing you want is for your battery to foul out in the dead of winter; however, cold temperatures make your battery work harder, which can strain your battery. Be sure to check the battery often as well as pertinent engine fluid levels.

5. Invest in New Tires

You’ll be riding along Manchester roads filled with ice and snow, so having the right winter tires on your vehicle can keep you safe and ensure the longevity of your vehicle.

6. Check Your Lights

During the winter, there’s not as much daylight, which means you’ll be doing more night driving. To ensure you’re safe, be sure to check the exterior lights on you vehicle and replace any bulbs that may be out.

7. Keep Fuel Full

Winters can make it hard for vehicles to start, so it’s a good idea to always have at least a quarter-tank of gas in your vehicle at all times. If you run too low, the gas could freeze inside the tank, which would keep your vehicle from starting.

8. Maintain Defrosters

You’ll be using your defrosters a lot during the winter, so always check to ensure the defrosters are working properly.

9. Check Oil

Aside from the battery and fluid, ensure you check the oil on your vehicle. You can either do this yourself or bring it in for a professional to check.

10. Invest in a Survival Kit

While you never hope to be stranded on the road, having a survival kit in your vehicle can help in times of emergency.

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