10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle

March 23rd, 2017 by

The Nashua winters can wreak havoc on your vehicle, so you’ll want to give it some much-needed TLC now that spring is here! Lovering Mitsubishi can provide expert level protection that standard wash services can’t match.

1. De-clutter the interior.

Take some time to go through your vehicle and toss away any garbage as well as give items a specific home.

2. Clean the exterior.

A deep exterior clean isn’t as simple as running through a car wash or busting out the sponge and soap. It’s important to take a deep dive into what your car needs. Lovering Mitsubishi offers any type of exterior cleaning you may need.

3. Clean the wheels.

Wheels are what make your car go. It’s important to give them the care they need. We have a wheel shine service that will make your wheel look good-as-new!

4. Replace your wipers.

Wipers are key to seeing in the spring rain, your wipers probably got abused during the winter. We can make sure your car gets the new wipers it needs!

5. Look under the hood.

Your vehicle’s engine and other elements work hard during the colder months, so before the summer heat is upon you, take some time to look under the hood, inspect the engine, take note of any fluids that may need to be replaced, and stop by Lovering Mitsubishi for any necessary maintenance.

6. Wash the inside.

Aside from just decluttering the interior, we have an excellent interior cleaning service for your Mitsubishi that others can’t match.

7. Wash floor mats.

Your feet carry a lot of debris during the Nashua winter, we can provide a top-notch floor mat cleaning service to get your floor mats looking brand new.

8. Clean your windshield.

Having a great view of the Goffstown road is important, so having a nice, clean windshield is the best thing you can do for improved visibility on the road.

9. Freshen the air.

Invest in vehicle air fresheners to give your car a nice spring smell.

10. Restock emergency kits.

Even during the warmer months, you could find yourself in an emergency. Be sure that any emergency kits are fully stocked.

Let Lovering Mitsubishi Help

If you need vehicle service or maintenance, trust the experts at Lovering Mitsubishi. Visit our service center at 93 Manchester Street in Concord, NH, or contact us online or at 603-226-2999 to learn about our new and pre-owned vehicles or apply for financing.

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